What’s in the box #2?

CSA Box Two


This was the week of monster greens! (Remember my fridge was already jam-packed?) I went to Kate’s to get the box hoping it would be full of little demure things like scapes, scallions and herbs only to find the box nearly seething and tossing from the unruly mass of crazy spinach, kale and romaine. It was like the vegetable version of the incredible hulk – greens gone mad with a purposeful intensity to heal and nourish – alas!

Besides the romaine, spinach and Toscano Kale, were turnips, radishes, scallions, broccoli (some boxes had strawberries), and snap peas.

These incorrigible goods needed immediate training and domestication. As is they would continue to seethe and froth and battle themselves in the fridge – or just not fit! So first things first, I grabbed the giant unyielding spinach by the neck. Then, I threw it face first into a tub of freezing cold water where it was dunked and spun until it had released every secret grain of sand it held. In sheer exhaustion it was sent on to the butcher block where the stems were trimmed and the leaves chopped. The final treatment was to toss the now obedient spinach into a pot for a quick blanching. Entirely emasculated yet still potent in nutrients, the tamed beast went into a freezer container for later purposes!


Spinach in its’ final moments!