Been Hunting and Fishing?

OK. I really need to get something off my chest. I am really bothered by hunting and fishing. It’s my choice to be vegetarian – nobody told me I had to be a picky eater, and I’ve never believed that I have the right to impose my beliefs upon anyone else, but frankly, I just don’t get the whole hunting and fishing thing.

Back when the native people were roaming this great land, they took what they needed to survive. They hunted, and they used the entire animal for necessities. They knew it was a tremendous offering on behalf of the animal to provide the hunter with sustenance and useful materials needed for survival. The white man came along with little understanding of the sacrifice of the animal and righteously took what they wanted. Granted, back then, everybody needed the animal so it was not an issue of “wants” versus “needs,” but rather respectful usage vs. waste and disrespect.

How do we define hunting today?

It’s now clearly something we want rather than need. Have hunters completely lost the idea of the great sacrifice?

Doesn’t it seem barbaric?

I particularily detest the fact that these actions are labelled as “sport.” I do not consider the killing of animals a sport. The walleye aren’t getting together in the afternoons to make teams for the morning game. It’s only sport for those who righteously believe that animals are for meat and nothing else. We needed animals for food in the past, I would now argue that their purpose has changed.