Why People Choose Vegetarianism

Food Guide Pyramid

From the Harvard School of Public Health

Have you seen one of the new food guide pyramids? I find them interesting because where meat and legumes and dairy products once shared space, now legumes are moving into their own, and meat and dairy products are moving closer to the top of the pyramid.

Americans can sure talk the talk about healthy eating as it has become painfully obvious that we are overweight and often ill because of our diets. People are beginning to hear that we need to exercise more, eat less saturated fat and sweets and eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. My question: how come our restaurants don’t reflect that trend? If we’re supposed to eat meat less than daily, why are meat entrees taking up the bulk of the menus? I know, I know, when people go out to eat they want something different; something special. They don’t want to eat what they can easily prepare at home. Does that sound familiar? It’s my same issue – I want to eat fabulous food, I want to eat something different, but as a vegetarian, there’s little to choose from in the first place. I am hoping as people continue to develop a more sophisticated healthy living palate, more restaurants will cater to us!

People want to be vegetarian because it’s a healthy choice.