Does your GINGERSNAP and Dance Vegan?

Here’s a snappy little vegan number you’ll want to add to your cookie repertoire! I posted the recipe on my other site – DRIFTLESS DIRT. Click the photo above or link to the left to check it out! For more Driftless Dirtfarm gossip, hit the “Dirt” button on the home page of my new site.

2 thoughts on “Does your GINGERSNAP and Dance Vegan?

  1. I always use the Joy of Cooking recipe for gingersnaps, adding lots more ground ginger than called for, as well as a few grindings of black or white pepper, and a dash of cayenne (we like ours spicy!). And, I roll them in demerara sugar, rather than white. My version of the cookbook always opens to the bran muffin recipe, or the cornmeal pancakes, or this one! I’m going to try out the coconut oil substitution.


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