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Thanks for visiting! Vegetarian Perspective is my place to reflect on living a plant-based life, and to share with the world my ideas about food, recipes, and entertaining mostly as related to the Maiden Rock Driftless Dirtfarm. I’ve developed a mighty green thumb over the years growing thousands of pounds of veg that I happily munch, give away or compost. I have grand schemes and plans for my little dirtfarm in Wisconsin, and am excited for the next phase. Look out for barns that turn commercial kitchen, silo pads convert to pizza oven patios, garlic goes cash crop and lots of things to buy in little jars.


Much has changed with this blog, it’s purposes and my life. I hardly ever eat out, pine to escape the city and spend much of my time on the new farm. We’ll see how plans evolve with my new adventure.

The picture above was taken by my husband, Jeff – the “Superman” in my life. I’m with my son, Maximillian, my dad and my brother Andy. Dad’s been an organic gardener and beekeeper for as long as I can remember, so he was tickled that both his son and daughter purchased farms in 2013. Back-to-the-land seems to run in the family!

2009 Year 1:

Thanks for visiting! I dedicate this site to people looking for good food in the Twin Cites of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Although my site is geared towards those who are looking at the menus from a vegetarian perspective, I also hope visitors will include people looking for a new dining experience as well as the cooks and chefs that fill our kitchens. Perhaps the ideas posted in this site will tweek our thinking about the foods we eat.

Blog Beginnings 2009

I live on the West side of the Mississippi river in Minneapolis – one of the world’s burgeoning new restaurant scene cities. It’s been an exciting place to live the last few years. In the past, the Midwest had been known for big plate meals of meat and potatoes, and restaurants were family run. Now a foodie can find a quaint chef owned restaurant, a variety of ethnic cuisine, New American options and fusion. Of course, many Minnesotans still hold tight to their ideas of the plate with evenly spaced meat, potato and vegetable, but many of us are looking for alternatives. The idea of using regional, organic and sustainable food is also gaining a foothold, so choices are improving and food is tasting better.

Now, here’s the problem, and why I am here blogging. I am a vegetarian as is my husband, Jeff and nine-year-old son, sixteen-year-old son, Max. We love food and I love to cook. I grew up in an organic, whole foods mostly vegetarian family. My parents know how to cook and they taught me. They were also adventure seekers of sorts, so we always experimented and rarely, if ever followed a recipe. I grew up in food improv!

Now, lots of people think vegetarians eat grass. Some are kind enough to think that we only eat salad, and a few others understand the importance of legumes and whole grains in our diet. Many people think that our diets are a reflection of some weird wigged-out attitude towards the world, but I am here to tell you that if delivered from a creative mind, vegetarian food is the most flavorful, satisfying and healthy food around. I eat better at home than at any of our fabulous new restaurants, and that is my dilemma.

I love going out to eat. I love the experience of trying new things, of experiencing a new environment, of not having to cook myself and clean up! My husband and I both work and could afford to eat out many times a week if we wanted. (In 2016 we embarked on a year-long round-the-world-trip.) Unfortunately, we have very few options! With this blog I am hoping to review restaurants from a vegetarian perspective. Perhaps the ideas I share will help others who are also looking for a delicious meat-free meal or even inspire or motivate our local chefs to see their menus from a new perspective!

Year 2:

Realizations and Goals

Next Steps 2010

20 thoughts on “About VP

  1. Yay, Sarah! I’m so glad you’ve started this blog. Even though I don’t avoid meat all the time, I prefer to eat vegetarian, and it’s so frustrating that so many restaurants have no interesting options on the menu.

  2. Hey Sarah! Just had a chance to read your blog it’s great! I am not vegetarian, but nine out of ten times I prefer vegetarian dishes over meat, so I can appreciate your thoughts!
    Are you a fan of Bryant-Lake Bowl?

  3. Hello Sarah —

    Your papa and I were old high school classmates so it is through him, second-handedly, that I was able to come across your blog. I am impressed!! I am a permanent resident of Belgium (and now a Belgian citizen I am proud to say) and my Flemish wife and I have been life-long adult vegetarians. I never knew of Kurma Dasa (http://www.kurma.net/) while in the States until I came here to Europe. You may consider adding him to your recipe sites. Take a look and see what you think. We have all his cookbooks and DVD’s and we love his style and his cooking. He is generally quite responsive to emails. If you ever have theurge to contact him, mention Dick and Ria in Belgium!! Keep up the good work on the blog!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I love your site and thank you for the wonderful information! When I stopped eating meat my cholesterol dropped from 200 to 134. It is nice to find restaurant reviews on vegetarian offerings. Keep up the good work! Suzanne 🙂

  5. I’m so glad you have this site! I really want to eat at places that don’t just have a salad or a garden burger – I’ll be using this as a constant reference!

  6. I hear you! Unfortunately, if my husband had his way, we’d eat veggie burgers every day! Thanks for the support.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    I was so tickled to see that you became a follower on my blog! I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. 🙂

    Last night, I had a great time reading your restaurant reviews- You give great insight to other vegetarians/vegans in the area that care about food and service. Keep the reviews comin’!
    Maybe I’ll bump into you in the Cities sometime!

    Be well!

  8. Hey Sarah –

    I was chatting with my mom last night and when I mentioned that Michelle and I are doing a CSA this summer she told me about your blog. I’m excited – always looking for new ways to use our Swiss chard and and garlic scapes.

    Hope all’s well with the Washburnes!


  9. Hi Sarah and friends!
    You might be interested in our great (non-profit) group:
    “EarthSave Twin Cities/MN encourages a vegan diet for personal and planetary health, and out of respect and compassion for all beings with whom we share the earth.”

  10. Hi Sarah!

    I knew your site name sounded familiar. I’ve been here before. Sorry for the absent mindedness. There are so many blogs out there to keep track of. One can get lost in all of them (while smiling) haha. Anyway, Your site name is now on my blog list. I hope to come for more future visits. 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!


  11. Hi Sarah, I just came across your blog after seeing your note on Chow. What a great resource for vegetarian cooking ideas! My family has been trying to shift to a more meatless diet and I’ve been writing about the experience on my blog, Green Your Plate. We have a CSA share through Harmony Valley Farm which I’m also writing about. I’m adding you to my CSA blogger blogroll.

  12. Being a vegan, I must say, this is a wonderful idea! Unfortunately, I live in NJ but congrads and good luck with your site. If you ever come to (north) New Jersey, you MUST check out Veggie Heaven! Infact check out there website…

    • Thanks for the support and suggestion. I ‘m always looking for good eats and I do occasionally get to the East Coast.

  13. Love the blog. I recently went vegetarian (along with my mother who is in remission for Breast Cancer and has made the switch at the recommendation of her doctor). The Public House on Washington & 7th Street in the North Loop/Warehouse District in Minneapolis has some great vegetarian options that you should check out. My favorite is their Shroomin’ Philly (basically a meatless philly ) with a side of mushroom bisque – I’m crazy about those fungi! They also have a vegetarian Shepard’s Pie that my mother adores. I think there’s a Drunken Portabella Quesadilla which is cooked in a Red Wine Reduction . While it’s not everyday food it is great if you’re looking to treat yourself. Keep up the good work!!!

  14. Hi Sarah!

    Thank you so much for this blog :)))) I found really great recipes in here that I would like to try to make on my own :)))))

    Keep up the good work :)))))



  15. Hello! In your post about Lessons in Gardening with Weeds, the plant photo with the caption “No idea what this is called.” is white snakeroot–a good native late-blooming source of food for pollinators, though it can grow aggressively in some spots.

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