Georgia O’Keefe

A Painter’s Kitchen

Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O’Keeffe

by Margaret Wood
food photography by Michael O’Shaughnessy


Just when I thought I had dinner made, I get the cry, “I’m not eating that!” I felt as if I’d pushed my limits of creativity to prepare something that Max would like, but came up empty handed. Jeff and I often find ourselves sitting down to a meal while Max makes himself some toast or warms up a plate of pasta – again. His three main items of consumption lately include toast, pasta or pizza. He will also eat romaine lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette, apples with peanut butter, melon and cucumbers. I guess this is normal?

To find inspiration, I have turned to Georgia O’ Keefe. I heard many years ago that she preferred her foods simply prepared, so I say her name as a mantra when cooking for Max. Here is my recent “Georgia O’Keefe” creation. These cucumbers were so fresh, crunchy and juicy. Once enticingly arranged, I sprinkled on just a little salt and black pepper and Max ate nearly the whole plate! He’ll be healthier than the rest of us if he continues to eat like this. I shouldn’t complain.


Another Georgia O’Keefe idea is a simple steamed green bean. Loving layered flavors, I served this with the fennel and rosemary pesto I made the other day. Delish!