GE Food – Scary

I read an article last week in the savvyvegetarian blog about how genetically modified soybeans kill rat babies. That’s pretty frightening! I began to wonder how I can tell if the food I eat is genetically modified, and I thought I better do some research. What better place to ask about this stuff than from my local expert tofu guy at Linden Hills Coop. He informed me that if anything is labeled organic, it cannot be a GMO product. Whew, that’s good news I thought, but then he said, “But there’s a big problem with pollen.” Oh man, all those little slut bees are hooking up with Monsanto and Round-up GE products and then heading up to Canadian non-GMO and organic fields spreading disease. Has anyone developed a bee condom to stop the spread?

Here are some interesting links to check out related to GMO foods and their effect on people, animals and insects: