The Beet Goes On

After all those beets last summer, the last thing I expected to crave mid-winter was the flavor of the ruby-red tuber. It’s true. As of late, I’ve been pining, dreaming and in a constant state of agitation every time hunger strikes. To make matters worse, last weekend I bought a very noisy pomegranate. Every time I opened the fridge, there it was peeking at me through the crisper drawer  shouting, “BEETS! BEETS! BEETS! I want to eat BEETS!”

Fortunately, there was an easy solution to this incessant craving. In the freezer was one lonely container labeled, “Beet Bruschetta – Sept. ’09. Add feta and mint.” I decided to thaw it out and run it through the blender. I did not add the feta or mint although mint would be lovely. I did add a little more raspberry vinegar and olive oil to thin it out a bit, and then warmed it. Since it’s thicker than a traditional salad dressing, I thought it would present itself more appropriately on the bottom of the plate. The greens, cukes, thinly sliced onions and pomegranate seeds float on top.  Entonces, last summer’s Beet Bruschetta became today’s warmed beet vinaigrette, and those darn little pomegranate seeds had a fun ride on top. Now we’re both happy, and the salad –  a perfect mid-winter jewel.

To make this warmed beet vinaigrette, follow the above link to Beet Bruschetta.  Make the recipe, but leave out the feta cheese and then add about 1/4 cup more vinegar and 1/2 cup olive oil. Puree in a blender.

Spanish Lesson: Entonces means So.