What kind of vegetarian are you?

Ask yourself this question: Why are more and more people attempting vegetarianism?

I’m a vegetarian because I find animals to be an odd thing to eat. I am human; I have consciousness and free will. To see a bone, a beak, a blood vein, a blob of fat in my “food” is completely disturbing. I understand the animal’s pain, I see their blood veins and know that they have a purpose other than food, and I see how helpful animals are to humans without eating them. I do see animals as being food for other animals, but not for humans. We have intelligence and should know better. We are able to think beyond our instincts and make choices. We know how to grow food. Animals cannot do that.

If you don’t know about the TED Website, I highly recommend you check it out. These are links to the main site and then to two of my favorite food writers who offer some very interesting ideas.

Check out TED: http://www.ted.com/

Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat?


Michael Pollan: A plant’s eye view