Field Art Farm Art

While clearing the property our first couple of years here, tons of metal objects came to the surface. We found old shovels, rakes, gears and links from old machinery. We also removed all the old fencing and along with that came rusted barbed wire. For awhile we had all the rusted metal objects stacked up on a huge old tree trunk jokingly dubbing it “The Tricked Out Trunk!” But, the stump got dug out to make way for the circle driveway and garden and the metal pieces got thrown into a big box in the garage.

Last summer Jeff wrangled the barbed wire into rings then created some hanging globes, a couple of the silage forks now adorn the garden gates, and old corrugated metal became planters, but we still have a huge pile of junk that wants to get arranged into some fabulous piece of field art or farm art.



I’ve been searching for ideas online and here are a couple of lovely finds. Of course, I have no wagon wheels!


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